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The most essential developer's software, right next to your IDE and CLI.

110+ essential & user-friendly dev tools.
Native apps for all mayor platforms.
Customizable shortcuts for all actions.
Fully offline, to keep your data safe.

Secure yours and your teams everyday workflow, and respect your data.

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Sad & bad dev workflow

The current state of things, by example

Converting JSON to CSV be like…

  • Watching 5+ ads and getting distracted by flashy websites.
  • Getting tracked by 3rd-party services.
  • Landing on a different website every other month.
  • Leaking sensitive customers' data to trackers and browser extensions.
  • Feeding a foreign AI model with secret tokens and env vars.
  • EU bonus: eventually getting arrested due to GDPR violations.
SafeUtils icon on MacOS Desktop

Safe choice, the better way

With respect to your customers' data

Use 110+ carefully crafted, powerful developer tools to help you with common, everyday tasks.

Do not paste your data to random online services - it is better to process it offline using SafeUtils.

It never leaves your hardware.

In the name of DevEx

Fits right into your muscle memory

All common actions such as providing a sample input, swaping input with output or copy-pasting have their own place in the UI.
No matter what you convert, generate, decode, encode or preview, the same keyboard shortcuts work across all of the tools.
Learn once, get used to it and benefit from your new, more performant workflow for the years to come.

  • K

    Focus Search Input

    This is the easiest way to find the right tool for next action you want to take.

  • L

    Focus JSONPath Input

    Start typing the well-known path to your output data, and end-up with just the format you need.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4

    Focus Panels 1/2/3/4

    Easily navigate between various input fields and the output field.

  • E

    Provide Sample Input

    Discover how the tool works and what it does on an examplary data it accepts.

  • I

    Swap Input with Output

    Mixed-up Encode with Decode?
    You're not alone - the right one is right at your fingertips.

  • P

    Beautify / Format Input

    Copy-pasting right from the unformatted text logs? We've got you.
    Bonus: we'll fix invalid JSONs, too.

  • C, V

    Paste Input, Copy Output

    No need to focus any text fields, just the well-known keys combination will do.

  • O, S

    Open from, Save to File

    Navigate your File System via the well-known Native UI to perform common actions.

  • U

    Clear Input and Output

    Cleanup currently loaded data, for example the sample one, and start fresh at any moment.

  • 1

    Toggle Panels Layout

    Are you a left-right, or a top-bottom person? No worries, you don't need to decide - be the one you need at the moment.

  • B

    Toggle Sidenav

    Small screen, and you need more space to better grasp what's on it?
    Go Zen.

  • ^

    Toggle SafeUtils

    No matter which workspace or screen you are currently working at, bring up or hide the application with ease.

And of course, nothing's set in stone here - customize every single shortcut to best fit your style.

Trusted by Developers All Around the World

Hear from our users why SafeUtils is the one-stop solution for securing your team's workflow when it comes to processing data.

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    Senior Software Engineer

    SafeUtils was truly a missing tool in my dev toolbox! It's fast, reliable, and versatile.

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    DevOps Engineer

    SafeUtils exceptionally streamlines my everyday development. Highly recommend to all coders!

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    Front-end Developer

    With SafeUtils, my everyday efficiency has significantly improved. It's a must-have for any developer.

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    Senior DevOps Engineer

    SafeUtils is unmatched in my day-to-day cloud dev job. Makes your workflow seamless.

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    Marketing Specialist

    Extremely useful on an almost daily basis. Best part? I don't have to open my browser to access all the necessary tools.

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    Front-end Developer

    SafeUtils's performance is phenomenal. It makes working with data smooth and easy.

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    Project Manager

    I love how SafeUtils enhances my team's everyday experience. Worth every penny!

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    Software Engineer

    The intuitive interface of SafeUtils has greatly improved my productivity. Superb tool!

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    Web Developer

    SafeUtils is essential for serious developers. It simplifies everyday tasks and boosts output.

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    Full-stack Developer

    Since I started using SafeUtils, my development work is more organized and efficient.

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    Software Developer

    SafeUtils delivers an outstanding developer experience. It's powerful and user-friendly.

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    CyberSec Specialist

    Using SafeUtils for my everyday data-related tasks makes me feel much safer. I wouldn't go back.

Smart Categories

Boosts visual recognition

All the little details of the beautifully-crafted UI help you find your way around the available data operations easily.

  • ConvertersFrom one format to anotherconverter

    Indicated by two green arrows coming from the top-left format to the right-bottom format visual.

    Total: 91 tools

  • DecodersAccess unreadable formatsdecoder

    Format visual adjourned by a yellow key icon in the bottom-right corner, indicating that you're about to open something.

    Total: 9 tools

  • EncodersObfuscate your dataencoder

    Format visual adjourned by a yellow padlock icon in the bottom-right corner, indicating that you're about to close something.

    Total: 6 tools

  • FormattersBeautify your outputformatter

    Format visual adjourned by a yellow magic wand in the bottom-right corner, indicating that you're about to cast a spell on something.

    Total: 7 tools

  • GeneratorsObtain desired outputgenerator

    Format visual adjourned by a yellow lightning bolt in the bottom-right corner, indicating that you're about to energize something.

    Total: 7 tools

  • PreviewsInspect your datapreview

    Format visual adjourned by a blue-ish magnifying glass in the bottom-right corner, indicating that you're about to take a closer look at something.

    Total: 8 tools

On top of those, there are additional 15 unique tools that don't fall under any of those categories.

Wiktor Plaga
Wiktor Plaga
Operating Offline

Hey, it's Wiktor 👋. I built and now happily maintain the SafeUtils app for two reasons:

1. It felt like I'm about to go to jail every time I pasted my data on the Internet.
2. It was WAY too many bookmarks, and they didn't even cover half of my needs.

I decided to equip other developers with a missing solution to their everyday operations.

Don't take my word for it

Instead, see it for yourself

Download and install the desktop application now, and discover it's capabilities by yourself.

You are able to feed the sample data into all of the available tools to see how they work without purchasing a license.

Feel free to test all the shortcuts and see how pleasant it is to work with SafeUtils.

Again, all of this is available for you to explore before giving me any information about yourself.

That's right: no credit card or any other credentials required.

MacOS installation is available via the DMG files.
Run xattr -c /Applications/ in your CLI after the installation.
If you prefer to use brew package manager instead, subscribe on our News page and get notified once it is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions.
Have another one? Get in touch!

Do you provide any free plan?

Yes, we do - the whole web platform is free to use.

How does the paid license work?
How is my data secure?

Your data will never leave your machine. The SafeUtils app works entirely offline, processing all the data using your CPU - nothing happens on any external servers.

The only internet usage is for license verification and auto-update, which is disabled by default.

What's your refund policy?

Full refund of a one-time purchases within 7 days - reach out.

How to suggest changes?
Can I promote it?

Yes, thank you for doing this!

You are welcome to share it on your social media, as well as contacting me directly to make your feedback visible right here - much appreciated.

If it gets more traction, I'll consider creating an affiliate program for this purpose.

How to use my license on a different device?

Simply enter your email and license key on another device. Your previous device will be deactivated automatically.

MacOS: SafeUtils is damaged and can't be opened.

When an application gets downloaded from any source other than those that Apple seems suited, the application gets an extended attribute

This triggers the message:

"AppName is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Bin."

Remove the attribute and you can launch the application.

To do this, open a console and type:

$ xattr -c /Applications/

Source: XYZ Is Damaged and Can’t Be Opened

Microsoft: Windows protected your PC

If you get the following prompt on Microsoft Windows:

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

click More infoRun anyway.

The SafeUtils' Roadmap

The project evolves quickly, with new non-breaking features coming in every week.
You can follow along here, as well as in the releases newsletter.
Stay tuned, and feel free to contact me with any suggestions.

  • Add Tools Groups

    Add an ability to group the tools under (nested) folders, with predefined default groups (e.g.: Generators, Converters).

  • Add full CLI support

    For every tool, add CLI command equivalents, e.g.: sf json2yaml.

  • Integrate with App Launchers

    Add integrations with most popular application launchers on all operating systems, e.g.: Alfred (MacOS), Synapse (Linux) and Listary (Windows).

  • Add to Microsoft's Store

    Publish MSI and NSIS packages on Microsoft's App Store for Windows users.

  • Add to Apple's AppStore

    Publish DMG package on Apple's AppStore for MacOS users.

  • Add to Snap and AppImage

    Publish APT and RPM packages on Snap store and all AppImage handlers for Linux users.

  • Add to Linux Package Repos

    Publish APT and RPM packages on yum, dnf and pacman package managers for Linux users.

  • Add to Chocolatey & Winget

    Publish MSI and NSIS packages on Chocolatey and Winget package managers for Windows users.

  • Add to Homebrew

    Publish MacOS DMG on Homebrew package manager for MacOS users.

  • Minimum Valuable Product


    Released 0.0.0 to Friends, Family and Beta Users to gather an initial feedback.

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Work offline and keep your data safe.

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